Sunday, October 14, 2007

I've been remiss in not displaying our gorgeous wedding blanket. It really is quite lovely. Or shall I say it will be quite lovely. Take away adorable little Ringo and in goes Faith's 18-inch square. Some more blocking and sewing, a little crocheting around the edge which should help the wonkiness and as a 2 year anniversary gift (that's my goal) C. and I will have a full-fledged blanket. I will put it out there that we got married on a months notice - so I understand that complexity was not an option. I love it and I loved our wedding day.

I've been knitting like a fool. Finishing projects that have been languishing on needles for months/years. Dischloth - check. Baby sweater meant for my cousins newborn who is now 10 months old (oops) - almost check. Poncho (started when ponchos were trendy) - um, don't be ridiculous, no check here. Then onto a felted pouch for my knitting tools. I'll keep you updated. We've got kind of laid back, low key, bed ridden week coming up if you haven't checked our other blog. Keep your fingers crossed ladies. - S.


Faith said...

my fingers are crossed - and my knitting needles will be crossing soon, i promise! i feel like such a dork!!!!!!! the blanket is gorgeous - just gotta get myself in gear. a little late, i know. a lot late.

LD said... I put in my color requests for MY blanket, here? ;) I know my whole "varying shades of beige" idea got poo-poo'd. So, since my wedding is going to be a deep shade of purple, maybe varying shades of purple?

And since my pretty pretty princess day is over a year away, IT BETTER BE GORGEOUS!*


*please note sarcasm. I'm working on a post about Bridezillaism that I just haven't posted yet.

S. said...

no laura, we do not take requests. sorry. you'll just have to wait and see. and if it comes up again, maybe you'll get a toaster.

love ya. and that's why i'm wearing the bridesmaid dress.


LD said...

WHAT?? Keep up that attitude and I'm making you wear skintight fuschia taffeta with lots of ruffles...oh, and a big floppy pink hat! Yeah!

And we actually could use a new toaster...well, a toaster OVEN...preferably in shades of purple. ;)

Faith said...

so how about a compromise and we just make a toaster cozy?