Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I spent a little time tonight on a favorite little game: Antiques Roadshow's Appraise It Yourself. It's fun and nerdy, what's not to love?

My Halloween get-up turned out pretty well. I've worn it twice so far, with good reviews. The headpiece is a bit much, though. It is gigantic and heavy,with pointy pokers digging through my wig. The trouble you go through for a good costume.

I saw the encouragement to post often, so I'm trying. Hmm, I must have more to say? Usually I can't shut up.

Oh yeah, I kinda sorta remember recording that tape! What jogged my memory was the image of Maggie banging on the heater. But, uh, ixnay on the ackyway obbackytay. I've always set a shining examples for others, wouldn't you all agree?