Friday, October 26, 2007

because someone has to

Hey y'all. It's been far too long since someone posted..I mean, there's like 6 or 7 of us. If everyone writes just one stupid post a week, we're totally set. I can only write briefly, but here goes it goes.
Remember my junior year (S's senior year cause she's sooooo old) when Liz was doing a semester abroad? Of course you do. The day S had to take some big teacher test ( I know it was a big deal, I just don't know what test it was). She dictated weeks or even months ahead that our schedules were to be open that afternoon, evening, and night cause we were going to get so high it was worth planning (hope I didn't endanger anyone's career with that lame disclosure). So we got super messed-up and decided to make a tape recording letter (so old using an 8-track or something) to send to Liz. Who has that tape now, by the way?
First, Sarah's parents called on the phone and we're all stoned and giggling in the background and Faith leans over to the tape recorder speaker and stage whispers, "Hey Liz, it's Sarah's dad so you have to pretend you're not high". Later, we were trying to do a Golden Girls reenactment for the recording based on Faith's previous character assignments of The Nook residents. I was Blanche, a designation I still find flattering (hot-cha-cha), offensive (so vapid), and tiny bit true (no comment). Sarah was Rose, Faith was Dorothy, my then-girlfriend Claire was Sophia, and Picky was Stan. In the middle of our improvisation, Maggie got annoyed at not having a character and started banging on the radiator with something and yelling, "hey I'm the plumber...who needed a plumber?". I'm smiling now remembering it all.
When we visited Alaska this summer for Faith's wedding, I got to see some of the videos we made senior year (the ducky movie, lenny&carl) and hear some of Faith's old songs on a CD and sing along. Who has that evening's tape now? Liz?
Also, if anyone can take our cats, let me know. We're desperate.
PS- Pete asks me to remind you that if you don't adopt our cats, you want the terrorists to win...


CD & SP said...

Oh my! That was the best way to wake up on a rainy Saturday morning. I just laughed my head off. Thanks Stace!

Liz said...

i think i have the tape...god, tapes?!? i'll have to do some serious diggin to see if i can find it. will keep ya posted!