Saturday, September 29, 2007

When I get lazy...

...I create lists and pass them off as blog entries.

1) I'm really glad that this thing has kind of taken off! I've been feeling quite disconnected, lately, since I've gone back into workaholic mode and I'm the only one in Philly. You know how you can make other, new friends, but they just don't feel the same? I've got some very nice girlfriends, here, but they aren't my MoHos.

2) As if the gods were reading my first post about my obsession with lifestyle/living magazines, I just got a cute little handwritten note from my brother, who is now in 6th grade, asking me to buy magazines through a program that would benefit his school. Of course, Real Simple, Everyday with Rachel Ray, and Better Homes & Gardens are all on the list. I might just buy all three and then try not to feel like a guilty freak.

3) I'm slowly knitting a baby blanket for a friend who's due in December. The blanket is from the book written by these ladies. It's the modern log cabin baby blanket, which is good because it is teaching me a new technique, but bad because I'm having trouble keeping gauge with every piece, so it's looking a bit wonky. I'm hoping it'll all work itself out with a little blocking. And does everyone remember how when I first started knitting that I was afraid of knitting at work, since I had to keep a certian tough exterior when in court? Well, thankfully I don't go to court at this job because there's a whole group of ladies who knit! I told a bunch of guys why one says "I'm going to frog this" when they rip something out...I think they thought I was nuts. But back to the blanket, I've been trying to knit a little extra love into it, because this baby's momma has been my friend since the age of 2, her husband was just diagnosed with cancer (he's 29), and she's got placenta previa that might require bed rest until December (something she is incapable of doing...especially with a hubby in chemo). And this ends my stream of consciousness list item about knitting.

4) My new fitness obsession is functional fitness. I've been attending this once a week and loving it, although I thought I was going to puke this morning. (He says that puking is a sign that you are really working to your potential...who knew.) Functional fitness is designed to make you work the muscles that you'd actually use in every day life. For example, the muscles you might use on a weight machine that works your back, might be quite different than the ones you'd use to pick up a suitcase and walk downstairs with it. The idea is to improve the muscles that you actually work every day, so that you will continue to work them throughout the day. I've noticed an improvement in posture as a result...oh, and I've lost 21 lbs in 10 weeks. But I owe most of that to this guy.

5) Can we plan a get together or something soon? New Years? I'm in serious MoHo withdrawal.

6) I encourage everyone to try the label function for new entries. You can classify them specific topics and then we can have links on the sidebar that will take you to all posts within a certain topic, ie knitting, food, local attractions, etc. I'm going to classify this as a personal update because it's mostly shit, anyway. :)