Saturday, September 29, 2007

This is the most impersonal thing in the world, but I can't find Faith and Maggie's phone numbers...and of course, my phone has been ringing off the hook so I haven't had a chance to ask the other MoHo's for I'll just say it.


I dragged Mike to Punk Rock Boot Camp, this morning, and he hated it. I thought he was mad at me for making him go, because we got home and he went upstairs and stayed there. He came downstairs a little while later, sat down next to me on the couch, and asked me if I'd marry him. He always said he wanted it to be a surprise...and it sure was! Honestly, if he'd arranged for some fancy dinner or "walk in the park," I would have known what was going to happen. I think he wasn't even sure he was going to do it until he walked down the stairs because we had to go back UP the stairs to retrieve my ring and put it on my finger! I'm having trouble getting a good picture of it, but a few of you have seen it. It was my great grandmother's and it's gorgeous! Although now I REALLY need a manicure.

So get our your crafty hats, Ladies! We are thinking of a fall 2008 wedding, with plum and espresso as the colors (yeah, I already made that decision months ago). My dad recommended this place and I think it would fit the picture in my head perfectly: casual, somewhat nature-y, and a tad less remote than our lakehouse (but still in the same town!!!). Uh...okay...I'm gonna go back to smiling non-stop and looking at cheesy wedding magazines, now...


Liz said...

already called you to say congrats, but will say it again - CONGRATS!! you'll start getting more advice than you ever thought possible, so get ready. my advice? use - it was so useful for keeping track of everything!

Faith said...

i'm so happy for both of you! like liz said, theknot is super handy. know what else is handy? listening to yourself and YOUR vision for what you want (yeah, yer luv muffin gets a little input, too). so, i guess the big moho reunion you were talking about will be next fall, eh? yeehaw!
interested in 06-07 wedding mags? i've got a huge pile of them waiting to recycle, but i can't bear to chuck them and see moolah down the drain. can ship book rate for super cheap... let me know.