Friday, September 28, 2007

a powerful AHEM

I hear you, I hear you! Gotta get my needles a-clackin... but what exactly am I supposed to do? As a couple of you have seen, I do have some gorgeous yarn. And no, it's not fun fur. I got it during a Portland, Maine, rendezvous, when a few of us got together. I've got some great pics from that visit (do you guys mind if I post a few?).

Ok, so I've got the yarn. I've got the skills to garter stitch the hell out of it. So there will be a boring-ass section in there - but at least it will exist. What exactly am I doing? Anybody got the dimensions for me? I'll get on it, I PROMISE!!!

My afghan really is amazing - you guys are so damn crafty! I made an afghan of my own a couple of years ago but it's not quite the same. It's nice, in its own way. But it's just row upon row of garter stitch. Stripey & warm & weighs about 10 pounds. Sheesh. It lives on our couch, where it is abused by Danny & the cats on a daily basis. My wedding afghan still lives in the closet, as the room where I'd like to keep it is a complete disaster. It's storage for various wedding related items. I know... that was almost 3 months ago. I still haven't found a good spot for 12 giant platters, 25 strands of Christmas lights, 50 yards of fabric, and 36 snack bowls. Oh yeah, and a dirty, nasty, busted-up wedding dress. Should I even clean the thing? I keep thinking it would make a great Halloween costume. Kind of a pricey joke, though.


Peter said...

what else are you gonna do w/ it? you especially could make a WONDERFUL halloween costume out of such a poofy dress

Liz said...

post away - would love to see more pics of us in portland!