Friday, September 28, 2007

quilts of many colors

Especially for Laura...a few more pictures of Faith's "wedding quilt".
A little background for the imaginary reader who didn't participate in the making or receiving of this blanket: we've started a tradition of knitting squares for a group quilt whenever one of us gets married. They've gotten sooo much better over the years. Poor Liz. The only stipulation for her squares was that they be grey. There is at least one section in her quilt made of FUN FUR, several "glory holes" (as my OSLP* calls them), and some very loose interpretations of what the color grey looks like. Also, I had maybe just discovered Denyse Schmidt and/or seen the Gee's Bend exhibit at the Whitney and felt an even-steven patchwork pattern was beneath us. Everyone was assigned a variety of rectangles to knit up. In theory, they all fit together to make a square(ish) blanket. But all the crochet edging in the world was no match for such a huge variety of yarns, gauges, and patterns. W-O-N-K-Y.
CD & SP's was much better. Nine people were assigned a single large, red square. Better, but still pretty wonky. And as yet incomplete (ahem, Faith).
So this time, we all bought the same yarn, Peace Fleece worsted I think, and went crazy with stitch dictionaries. Peace Fleece because it's from Maine (like Faith) and colors informed by pictures of the Aurora Borealis (Alaska is where she lives now). It was a real bitch to piece together. Only two of us live in the same city and are schedules are pretty different and full so I spent hours on planes and crew vans and backstage stitching. But doesn't it look gorgeous? Totally worth it.

xox, stacey

*OSLP is my boyfriend Pete's new preferred label. It stands for Opposite Sex Life Partner. We've been living together for over 7 years and he feels the term boyfriend is no longer sums him up. Also, he asked me to mention that he wears an eyepatch.


LD said...

Oh my GOD...It's beautiful! We are so awesome!

I'm going to tell Mike to start using OSLP. The other day he said he might apply for a teaching job at Mount Holyoke and I told him he should tell them that his partner went there. He gawked at the word partner, and I told him that it would be TOTALLY lame to tell them, "My giiiiiiirlfriend went to Mount Holyoke!" He realized how right I was, as usual.

So until the jerk proposes, I think OSLP would be perfect!

Faith said...

i'm down with OSLP, yeah, you know me.

S. said...


CD & SP said...

i think you looked cuter in that eyepatch, stace!

Liz said...

I LOVE our quilt - it's the one that started our wonderful tradition! Though, I have to admit, I've been really nervous to leave it out and what would happen if the cats get to it...