Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Replication of the Conversation between S. and the Butcher at Local Grocery Store:

S: Do you have any organic beef?

Butcher: We have all natural beef.

S: What does that mean?

B: It wasn't given anything artificial.

S: Was it grass fed?

B: You wouldn't be able to taste the difference.

S: Taste isn't the issue. Have you ever read The Omnivore's Dilemma?

B: I've been eating this meat for 12 years.


stacey said...

That's hilarious. You really said, "Have you read the Omnivore's Dilemma?" to the butcher at, I'm guessing the Big Y? Awesome. We had a long conversation with the meat guy at the FM this morning about how hard the fda makes it for them to do things "right". The animals have to be taken away from the farm to be slaughtered and then come back to the farm for butchering. They manage though and we buy probably 99% of our meat from him. Cause he has such variety...pork, chicken, beef, lamb, assorted sausages, rabbit, ham. Lucky, I know.

stacey said...

Still thinking about that conversation and laughing an hour later. Peter and I did a dramatic reading of it. Also, he says he's proud of you.

CD and SP said...

i learned it all from him. see...some of his conversations make it through the blank eyed stare. no matter how hard i try.