Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pretty Pink Whorebag

My neighborhood is the land of dirty corner bars. Usually, going to the bathroom feels like something out of Trainspotting. But last night, we went to this new spot called Kung Fu Necktie. The name blows, but it used to be this crappy place called Penalty Box, so we figured it must be better than what it used to be. It's on Front Street, which is where the elevated train tracks it feels a bit like Astoria, only ten times as deadly. We walked in and found that the bar was way bigger than we thought it was, and upon talking to the bartender for a bit, we realized he was the owner. He'd salvaged everything that was used to rebuild the bar, taking weird decorative cabinetry from a kitchen, upstairs, and re-making it into the bar-back. He even salvaged wood from an old bowling alley and made it into bar tables. The bathrooms are behind gold doors marked "balls" and "boobs," respectively. I was pleasantly surprised by the ladies room, with its pretty pink walls and cute mirror. Nonetheless, when I took the picture, I made sure to include the wall graffiti for good measure...just a reminder that we might be in the new hipster bar, but it's still Fishtown.


CD and SP said...

hahahahahahha...yes, lame name, but i like this bar already with its boobie-pink bathroom, gilded mirror and trashy graffiti. do you suppose that was a purposeful decorative touch and not coincidental?

stacey said...

there's a salvaged wood place in pine plains, ny that sells old bowling alley lanes...they make interesting tables. last year we bought a ming-era temple column from the same place to make stools from, someday.