Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crackhead Kitties

I got the idea for these cat scratchers from Ikea Hacker. It's the Bastant basket from Ikea, with a Trader Joe's cardboard cat scratcher in it. (You have to cut it down a bit, but a good serrated bread knife did the trick!) Add a little cat nip and you have...

Kingsley, wide-eyed (ie, totally high).

Buddy actually stayed like this, in the basket, and napped for a good couple of hours. And he has been napping this way on a daily basis since we presented him with the present.

Louie is still alive. He's just a little more straight-edge than these other two tweakers.


stacey said...

good hack...I have a hard time enjoying that site sometimes, but it looks like you found a winner.

S. said...

luna would enjoy herself.
btw, i love the look of the site.