Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Living in the future

Holy crap, it's 2008. Doesn't that have a weird, sci-fi ring to it? I can easily picture my 1988 self thinking about the 2000's and wondering if we'd have flying skateboards and stuff - all Back to the Future style. But no. Well, we have a hell of a lot of other crazy stuff, I'll give 2008 that. Seriously - cell phones that can transfer video??? Isn't that something that Captain Kirk would have died for? And that's not even cutting edge. Geez, I don't know what is. I don't even have a cell phone, anyway. I don't understand regular phones, let alone cordless. Cellular is beyond me. So is this - me typing in Alaska and you reading it wherever you are... kinda freaks me out.

Sorry about the techno commentary, I really know nothing about the subject. But today writing '08 on my signature lines has me pausing to think - WHERE'S MY ROBOT MAID???? Roomba, right?