Sunday, November 11, 2007

She knows how to use 'em

My friend, Laura, has made me promise that I'll kick my Payless Shoes habit. Well, she compromised with me and said I could buy flats there, but not heels. She's right that my foot problem was not just weight-related but also due to the fact that I was buying poorly made pumps and then walking around in them all day. My nasty heel spur has almost totally disappeared, thanks to a nearly-30 lb weight loss and the purchase of a few "nice-but-not-exactly-Stuart-Weitzman" heels.

Today, I purchased these in black leather. Perhaps it was the perfect fall weather that made me love them. Interestingly enough, while I do get some joy out of pulling old clothes out of the closet and being able to wear them for the first time in almost two years, I've had the most fun buying shoes because my legs (if I do say so myself) look fabulous! I used to swear by the pointy toe pump, but I've totally gone over to the rounded toe dark side, since they really do make my size-10 feet look a bit less clownish.

But don't tell Laura I bought these...and BOGO, last week. I could never get sick of patent leather. Looking up the links for those last two pairs, I noticed that Payless sells traditional Saddle Shoes online...those and a pair of patent leather mary janes were my fashion mainstays as a kid.

My next post might need to be about my obsession with clothes at Target. Can I register for pots and pans AND and Isaac Mizrahi for Target suit?


stacey said...

better saddle shoes:
go with the better shoes thing...spend as much as you can afford (plus maybe a little more). People notice and care and you'll be glad in so many ways.