Thursday, September 20, 2007

Get it going

I threatened to create this blog, last week, and here I am, writing the first post. (And pretending that I'm writing to an audience beyond my handful of college friends who probably think I'm a total dork for creating a blog for us all to talk about all the crafty geek things we like.)

So here's the basics. We are a bunch of women who went to Mount Holyoke College, together. Some of us are good cooks and some of us (okay, all of us) like to knit. We have a amateur decorators among us and some avid readers. There's a few homeowners enjoying the pitfalls of fixing up and decorating, and even more city dwellers, learning how to make apartments seem bigger and cooler than they were at first glance. There's theater folks and artist folks and teacher folks and lawyer folks and fashion folks, plus a whole lot of creativity and smarts, in this group.

But enough of that. I'd like to talk about my problem. I have an addiction to home deocrating/cooking/lifestyle magazines. I've moved beyond Glamour and Jane, y'all. I'm now obsessed with Domino, Blueprint, Real Simple, and whatever else I can get my hands on. I stalk the newstand in Philadelphia's Suburban Station, just waiting for the new month's collection to hit the shelves. Today, I grabbed a coworker's October copy of Everyday with Rachel Ray and spent my lunch hour ooing and aahing over every single recipe like I was watching someone open gifts at a baby shower. The only magazine I actually subscribe to is Domino, although that is going to change soon, I'm sure. I get that new issue of Domino and I dedicate an afternoon to it, because it absolutely MUST be read in one sitting, from cover to cover. I've even bought an accordion file so that I can, one day, rip out all the pages with things I like, from all the stacks of magazines that I refuse to throw away, to create some sort of encyclopedic collection of all of my decorating/cooking/crafting pipe dreams. (I mean, you didn't think I actually USE all the stuff in the mags, did you?) It's a serious problem that might require an intervention of sorts.

And now I'm going to end this to go watch Tim Gunn's new fashion show. It's almost as good as Top Chef but never better than Project Runway. Holy crap. I think this problem might be a multi-media thing.


CD & SP said...

okay, we succumbed. so what do we do, contribute a good recipe now and again? i hope i contribute more to this than my damn gardening blog. my garden's dying now and i still have construction pics of it up! ugh!

Faith said...

i have a serious magazine collecting problem, too. i got these magazine holder things to house my back-issues of real simple (and... gulp, the oprah mag and any beauty rag with sarah jessica parker or drew barrymore on the cover)