Saturday, February 06, 2010

let it snow

In the spirit of Laura's post, since snowmaggedon (yes that's what they've been calling it here) started yesterday and I got off early from work, I've been able to use the time oh-so-wisely to make: stew, pancakes (I normally cheat and use Shake n Pour, but not this time), brownies, half a small blanket and what's on the video (there's no sound, your computer's not broken). Tomorrow might attempt a meat pie and pizza dough. First have to get to the store...Hope everyone who's been getting the snow has been staying warm. This town is pretty much shut down, which is honestly just fine with me!!


stacey said...

love it. we got hardly a dusting after being promised 1-8 inches. very jealous of the winter wonderlands.

Faith said...


Liz said...

Have a snow day tomorrow! Whenever govt shuts down, so do we. The sun was shining today and it was beautiful.