Friday, February 05, 2010

jan 4

my thrifting take from yesterday. less than $40 total and from a secret spot a 10 minute walk from my apartment.

cross-country skiing love

it might seem silly to buy 4 heart-shaped cake pans when you live in less than 500 sq feet (with a husband and a dog and i often work from home), BUT they were only $1, they're not nonstick (i hate nonstick bakeware), and valentine's day is next week. i thought maybe i'd make some brownies or something. and then today i agreed to make phaea's wedding cake so triple-tiered heart-shaped chocolate cake with raspberry filling here i come.

cast iron trivet

a jar without a tight seal...perfect for holding sourdough starter

pretty ladies in pretty outfits

four cross-stitched linen napkins and a handsome wooden bowl

4 aluminum pie plates. i realized this summer at s&c's that it's stupid that i only have/had one pie plate. they store stacked and you often want to use more than one at a time. same goes for cooling racks.

lots and lots of buttons

i've been looking for a tasteful candlewick bedspread in decent shape for quite a while. this one is huge and will be like heaven on our bed this summer


CD and SP said...

omg--that is like--SUPER SCOrE!

Faith said...

ooooh i know where you went! my mom can't stop talking about that place - but i think your secret is safe in maine & alaska.

stacey said...

the owner totally remembers your mom. she said something like that your mom sniffed them out.

Faith said...

right on - she'll be tickled to hear that. and she'll be back, she swears.