Saturday, January 02, 2010

these boots were made for skiing

Danny and I just got back from a nice afternoon out and about town. We picked up new calendars (in true cheapskate form we always wait until they're marked down once the new year begins), we had our favorite appetizer at Bear Tooth (the best fries ever - loaded with fresh garlic and cilantro and plenty of Tillamook cheese), then we ran across the street to the big ol' gear store and I got some new touring boots. I've been wanting to try skijoring with Bailey - ok, super modified skijoring. I'm going to rig her up with her harness and a strong leash with a bungee on the end and we're gonna go for it. That will be tomorrow's news. We shall see how it goes...

Yesterday we went for a frosty walk all bundled up and cozy. It was about -5 outside under the bright moon - what a night! Mom got me a 'Mad Bomber' hat for Christmas and it kept me nice and toasty. I never thought I'd be caught dead in fur, but I can now see why it's a cold weather classic.


stacey said...

pete had a mad bomber hat when we met and i too thought wearing fur was stupid. until i tried it on that winter. been wearing it ever since.