Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A question for my ladies: my little red smell phone is crapping out on me. It does the basic tricks that I need and it can make and receive calls (ain't it funny how that's the last function advertised for new phones?) but it's getting kinda crunchy in its old age (umm, just over a year). So I could use a new plain old phone, although I know I'd dig some kind of keyboard or something to make texting less of a pain in the arse.

The other thing - my Pod is about to be passed on to the mother-in-law. Just before Christmas, she expressed some interest in seeing what it's all about. Danny and I looked into getting her a new one, but we thought a touchscreen would be a little overwhelming and that a little minipod would be too little and a pain. So we decided on passing on my great big classic with the clicky wheely thingy - super easy to use, plenty of memory, and we can load it up with family photos and Irish music and whatever else.

So - I think you know where this is leading - I need a new Pod and a new phone. Whatever shall I do? Are any of you ladies podphoners? Are they stupid? Are they amazing? Are they can't live without it or get it the hell away from me? We're already hooked up with the right service provider, which happens to be the best service in AK (although I had TERRIBLE service the whole time I was in NYC). Danny says I should just get a touchscreen Pod and have a regular old phone. I say I dunno.

Welp, let me know. I'm hanging on your every word.


Laura said...

I'm an iphone user and I LOOOOOOOVE it. But be warned that you have to pay an additional $40/month for the data service that goes with the iphone. For me, with all the travelling I do for work, it's worth it. I know Sarah has an itouch (no phone, but you can get wireless internet) and a regular cellie, so maybe she can offer insight on the dual modes of communication therein. :)

stacey said...

the biggest reason i haven't switched over to an iphone is the sucky phone quality (i think the saying is that iphones are awesome at everything except being a phone). also, like you said, the service in nyc is better if you have verizon or whatever. if you decide to go with a regular phone, i've had an envy for a year or so and love it. so easy for texting and not too expensive

Liz said...

Hey! I'm also one of those with itouch and cell - it's fine, but you have to be in a hot spot in order to get online, which can take FOREVVVVER sometimes. I occasionally am envious of those with the full on iphone and all its glory, but don't miss paying the significant hike in monthly fees. Dave has an iphone and loves it.

Faith said...

i never said thanks for the advice, ladies - so, thanks! i still haven't made up my mind, but have been messing around with friends' iphones and i'm quite taken. will let you know how it all turns out.