Friday, January 08, 2010

jan 8

Kongs are our life around here. Clover Meadow recently broke the 20 lb mark and thus requires 12 oz a day of the hippie/yuppie raw food she eats. We (mostly Pete) spend sooo much time defrosting the food, stuffing it into kongs, refreezing it, giving them to her one-by-one, making sure they're empty, cleaning them, and starting all over again. I think she's old enough that when my show closes in a few weeks we'll be switching to a more homemade diet. At this point, it'll probably be simpler than the current system.
Funny of Pete's friends from junior high recently posted a photo of a Kong on Facebook with the caption "Hey, Petco has good deals on triple tier butt plugs". Haha


S. said...

My needs 20oz. (of milk) - I should try a kong!

Faith said...

bailey doesn't believe in kongs. i've tried to convert her, but my efforts are useless.