Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scenes from a bike ride in Northeast Philadelphia

Taken with iPhone and not altered with iPhoto or whatever...I'm into raw photography, you know...

The Delaware River waterfront, now all but abandoned. This was on one of the piers that is now used for fishing. ( from that river = frightening) You can't really see it, but I loved how there was purple heather growing in abundance, right alongside those big metal thingies.

The soon-to-be crowning glory of Northeast Philadelphia...the not-yet-open Penthouse Club! There was even a sign around back for auditions for "entertainers"...sorry I missed that amazing job opportunity. I seriously overhear at least two or three conversations per week about how excited people are about this place. But then what can you expect from a public that allows people like this to roam the streets. Yay Fishtown!