Sunday, June 14, 2009

june 14

signs that summer is upon us


S. said...

are you up at the lake already? or were these from before?
10 lbs.of strawberries?

oh and it's not summer for 5 1/2 more days, school days that is.

stacey said...

i said it's UPON us. the solstice is happening late sat night/early sun morn. i think we're having a garden party if you wanna come. truthfully, all these pictures are old. the dandelions were in alaska, the strawberries from when we lived on vernon (tho i did buy 4 quarts of strawberries at the fm yesterday), the pic of valhalla from memorial day, and the beach was from brian and sara's last weekend. i was feeling guilty about not posting the past few days so picked a few old shots that feel like right now to post. haven't been taking many pictures lately. this week has been so incredibly weird and difficult. i'll tell you all about it over an enormous drink the next time we see each other. hope that's soon.

Peter said...

OK, S.I. - I know you're watching. Stop being all creepy and just say something already

Sara I said...

Ok, Peter, I will admit to continually "stalking" the MoHo blog. What can I say, I am a women's college wannabe!

Stacey, hope you're feeling better. Call us if you need anything.

Pete, I still haven't received a facebook invitation to be "your friend". Is that a subtle hint?