Thursday, May 28, 2009

may 23-may 28

dinner and s'mores outside in russell

theo in his laurel parade whites

liz & faith's old room in the mandelles

canoe sing

mt holyoke's biggest fan (ask him about his plan to send our daughters there...any sons will be encouraged to work at mhc so as to meet & marry mt holyoke girls. ideal jobs include dining services, b&g, driving the ride van, and replacing kevin the party cop)

view of lake sunapee from the den

closer to sunset

pete makes lots of fires when we're at valhalla


Liz said...

I know I was only there for half a year, but that was my room too!! ;)

Laura said...

Theo's face. I love it so much.

stacey said...

sorry liz...that was rude of me
i'll edit the post

Liz said...

thanks stacey!! :)