Tuesday, April 14, 2009

april 14

stamford arboretum...part 1 of 3 or 4

Yesterday I had to drive to Stamford to pick up our new reel lawn mower from a craigslist ad. I decided to go on a hike while I was there and took pictures at each point along the "Rose A. Thielens Memorial Nature Walk and Trail".

1. Boulder Field

I love how everything is still mostly brown and grey with bright shocks of green.

The trail is really accessible so there's tons of great "tree-ffiti". I know it's not nice to carve into trees, but it's fun to look at.

2. Growing Conditions

Maple Trees

I don't know what these plants are, but they were all over.

This makes me think of tapping maple trees.

3. Roots in Rock

Trees growing out of a huge rock!

4. American Beech

Close-up of a beech tree.

Last year's leaves and this year's moss at the tree's base.

The bridge ahead.

5. Poorhouse Brook

Doesn't "poorhouse" sound so Dickensian?

It looks fresh, but I didn't do this.

6. Pegmatite

Too bad you can't see in this picture how sparkly the pegmatite is. If I had seen this as a kid, I would have mined it and brought it down to the store to exchange for candy (I really did that as a kid...usually with shiny black rocks that I thought was "coal").

A nice piece of gneiss.

7. Yellow Birch

Birch bark.

Who did this? Man or beast?

Looks like I've got a secret admirer.


CD and SP said...

I wanna see a pic of the lawnmower!

stacey said...

it's in the basement. you can see it next week. maybe i'll even *let* you try it out (if the grass seed is working by then).

Faith said...

wait a second, you have a yard?!

i love the post, can't believe that spring has truly sprung out there and we still have so much snow! it's melting rapidly, though. but it will be another 6 weeks or so before we bust out our reelin' dealin' mower (your mower's grandpa).

stacey said...

we have a little yard that is shared w/ 4 other apartments. but noone else seems to care about using it except someone lets their dog out there. i'll try to get a picture cause this lawn mower is very old and might be your mower's grandpa.

Faith said...

hmm, yours is definitely my mower's grandpa. shuffling around in the shed today i discovered the *brand new from an actual store* mower that we bought at the end of the summer last year. old gramps was retired via freecycle. so we've got one of them there newfangled plastic reel mowers. it'll be quite a while before we get to use it. but most of the snow is gone!!!