Monday, March 23, 2009

Mike's Birthday Dinner

It doesn't look as good as it tastes! We took our first stab at eating local, this week, and did our grocery shopping at the Reading Terminal, mostly at the Fair Food Farmstand, since not all of the places in there get their stuff from local sources. The selection was still kinda thin as far as vibrant spring veggies go, but we got some cabbage to make Stacey's version of Otsu, and some turnips and potatoes to make this! It's a Gratin with turnips, potatoes, apples, and red onions.

Our local urban farm, has a full catalogue of veggie and herb plants for the summer. I'm thinking of getting some tomato plants, and maybe some basil, mint, eggplant and pepper varieties that can be grown in containers. I was kinda hoping we could have a late summer gathering so that you guys could teach me how to can stuff. You in?


stacey said...

congratulations on your first's the hardest time of year right now so it'll only get easier come april/may (honestly more like may).