Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my commute

Hearing about your commutes made me want to put in my two cents about mine. Instead of watching out for weirdos, I'm keeping my eyes open for wildlife. This time of year, moose hang out in our yard an awful lot. Before I lock the house each morning, I take a peek around to make sure there isn't a reason for me to pop back inside. In the summer, the moose are around a lot less but then we have bears to think about. The commute itself is a 20 mile drive through incredible scenery. This time of year I don't see much of it, since the drives to and from work are in the dark. But the days are getting noticeably longer! Of course, I've also got the weather to contend with. That means plugging in my truck to its engine block heater and using studded tires and 4-wheel-drive.

And did I mention that I can see Russia from my living room window?


stacey said...

sexy shot, Faith...what mountain is that?

Faith said...

ooooh you caught me. i stole someone else's random pic by googling around. i do know it's a view from the glenn highway, though!