Thursday, February 19, 2009

Creativity Survey...

Okay, so a friend in the publishing world turned to me with these questions, today, and I gave her my answers, but I figured I'd go to the women whose opinions I'd trust most in this you guys practice a variety of crafts, so I figured I could go back to her many thoughts.

So here goes:

- What do you think is the "hot" craft right now? Kinda like how knitting was big when Stitch n Bitch came out. (Ironically, right around the time that y'all taught me how to knit!) I think it's quilting, because I've seen a ton of cool stuff online about it, but I wanna know what you guys think.

- So the economy blows. People are trying to save money. What kinda crafts do you think people will turn to, in order to save? The obvious answer to me is sewing...make your own clothes, curtains, etc. What do you guys say?

- If you were going to buy a craft book, would you rather it be about one type of craft (ie a knitting book) or about a variety of crafts that follow a theme?


Faith said...

1. sewing - no question at all. i'm with a little group of people who are somewhat crafty themselves, and it was unanimous.

2. once again, sewing. absolutely! for things like aprons, pot holders, curtains, bedding, cloths and making clothes fit better/making new things out of old clothes... the possibilities are endless, that what i love about it!

3. one topic, unless there's a really relatable theme with crafts that would go together

just having a couple of drinks and playing atari in my living room with a few pals, and wanted to put in our 2 cents!

love you guys!!!!!