Sunday, January 18, 2009

straight lines

Some of you might remember when I first attempted this pattern from Mason-Dixon and couldn't for the life of me make a straight line.  Well, this is my second baby blanket of this pattern and I'm happy to report they both look pretty damn good!  A little on the small side, since gauging is something I haven't bothered to really learn (yeh, yeh....I KNOW...), but the babies getting these blankets are all newborns, so perfect size!!


S. said...

Beautiful! And honestly, small blankets are quite handy. I used the one my mom crocheted every night to cover him and it just fits over him. No extra material.

I use yours in the car seat almost every day. It too, is a good size.

stacey said...

You're so prolific w/ the big knitted items, Liz. It blows me away.

LD said...

I've started this pattern twice, for two different babies, and never finished it in time. Bravo, Liz!