Sunday, January 11, 2009

In my ear

So what's everyone listening to these days? I go through phases where I don't touch my ipod, and then I have periods where I take it, gym, work. Mike is the Loader of Ipods in this house, mainly because the music is on his desktop, but also because he has the knack for finding good new stuff.

I found the lady above, though...while watching SNL one Saturday night. Adele sings really pretty little songs, but her voice ranges from soulful to scratchy to high and warbly. I'll admit that I also like her because she's not a stick-thin pop queen who dresses like a street walker, but then again, I'm also loving Britney's latest album, so I'm clearly lacking consistency.

DJ music is definitely the majority of the other stuff we're into. Girl Talk is actually a dude out of Pittsburgh who mixes modern day hip hop with soul, 80s tunes, grunge, soft name it. This man is off the hook. My favorite thing to do is listen to it and try to identify all the different songs in one track. Similarly, The Hood Internet, from Chicago, is a duo that does alot of mixes, my favorites being the ones where they take a hip hop tune and mix it with indie rock. (Think Rihanna with Chromeo, or Kanye West and the 1985 Chicago Bears - the Superbowl song - with Wilco.) They title the songs with "vs." and my favorite part is their website, where they make composite pictures of the groups in a song.

Anybody got any new faves (or oldies that you are rediscovering)?


stacey said...

Bon Iver, The Weepies, Missy Higgins, Fleet Foxes are newish loves. Plus everything I put on my fb profile. And my love for clit rock will never die (maybe fade a bit, but not die).