Saturday, January 10, 2009

Further proof that I need an iphone... that I can take better cell phone pictures of the stuff I'm knitting as I spend every saturday, this month, in a NJ Continuing Legal Education Class*.

It's gonna be a hat. It's my first self-designed item, so it could be frogged by tonight for a second try, but the circled portion is a poor attempt to illustrate the loops I'm trying to make so that I can thread a piece of knit lace (in a contrasting color) around the base of the hat.

* Yes, I've been admitted to NJ for almost five years but never practiced here. So why am I spending my saturdays in this dumbass class in this dumbass state? Because NJ credits can be transferred to NY and PA, thereby killing all three states' requirements with one stone. See?? I'm smart. Really I am.

** So far I've learned, today, that NJ home builders have put above-ground fuel oil tanks underground, thereby contaminating entire towns in South Jersey, and that a good portion of the state has issues with Radon contamination. This place is a fucking cesspool. But I already knew that.


CD and SP said...

I "designed" a hat once and it turned out to be big enough to shove massive amounts of dread locks into. I've never delved off of a pattern since. So GO YOU!! Make sure you include a picture of the finished product. --cd