Thursday, January 15, 2009

Book club

Is there a way to do personal book lists in the side bar? As in, if we read a book we can add it to our list, that way we can maybe stir up some good book discussions or recommendations. 

I'm part of a book club at school and that's good - it makes me read, which I love to do and don't do enough of during the school year. The books are good - ok good - not great. And the discussion is fine - not great. But I still enjoy it. I thought it might be a good topic here. If not, we could just post our lists every time we finish a book, with a tidbit if you so chose. Join me!

Sarah's Books 2009
19 Minutes   by Jodi Picoult  [good fast read, enjoyable, very heavy and stressful, semi-trashy]


stacey said...

I love that idea. I've been using visual bookshelf on fb just for the pleasure of keeping track of what I've read.

Laura said...

I'm sure there's a widget I could get for that. (A widget is one of those side bar things, like the standard ones for previous posts and links to other things.) If you guys didn't see my comment on a previous post, checkout the test blog, where I'm trying stuff out. I love the background image, but I'm having trouble making things more visible. I'm gonna keep at it, though. Sorry about the mess, here, in the meantime!